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The Biofield Research Fellowship Program is designed to support early career scientists and foster a new wave of researchers and research in subtle energy and biofield science. We recognize that to grow and develop the field, funding support, mentorship and community are needed for early-career researchers. We believe that subtle energy and biofield healing is poised to become a life-changing, scientifically-validated and integrated part of mainstream healthcare and personal wellness. Just as mindfulness and psychedelic-assisted therapy have each benefited from rigorous scientific field-building, and have achieved increasing public acceptance, so too can subtle energy and biofield healing follow a similar path to becoming a widely-accepted, evidence-based paradigm for health and wellness.


Six grants of up to $20,000 USD are awarded annually through a competitive application and selection process. Proposals are accepted across basic, translational, and clinical research, across multiple disciplines, including, but not limited to, clinical psychology, neuroscience, medicine, physiology, botany, physics, engineering, and social sciences. To be eligible, applicants must be either graduate students, post-doctoral fellows, or junior faculty for no more than five years.

Proposals are accepted across basic, translational, and clinical research, across multiple disciplines, including, but not limited to, clinical psychology, neuroscience, health/medical, physiology, botany, physics, engineering, and social sciences. Preference is given to interdisciplinary proposals that incorporate biofield therapies into cognitive, behavioral, physiological, clinical, and/or socio-cultural research. The Fellowship encourages the active collaboration of scientists in all phases of research, including, but not limited to, feasibility studies, effectiveness designs, and randomized control trials. Learn more about our research priorities.


To be eligible for a Fellowship, the applicant must be a graduate student (e.g., Master’s, PhD), post-doctoral fellow, or junior faculty not past their fifth year of university appointment. This also includes researchers with up to five cumulative years of experience as an independent investigator, research scientist, associate, or in similar positions. If you have questions about eligibility, please contact us. Note that we only permit one proposal per applicant per cycle.


We believe that it is important for the knowledge and wisdom of seasoned biofield science researchers to be passed down to a new generation of researchers. Mentorship plays an important role in this program and mentors will provide support and help to nourish and advance the Fellows’ research careers. Fellows will be paired with an esteemed research mentor with expertise relevant to their proposed project. Mentors will support the Fellow’s research and help inspire, inform, and guide them through one-on-one meetings either in person, on the phone, or virtually. Advising the Fellow during the entire scope of their research project, mentors will also provide additional learning opportunities for the Fellow, help facilitate a sense of community, and provide opportunities for research collaboration.


The Fellows will also be part of a wider community of emerging and established biofield researchers with the goal of providing support, feedback and knowledge-sharing. The Fellows will join a meaningful community among their cohorts, their mentors, and as well among past and present grantee cohorts through online forums, small virtual meetings and events, workshops, regular communications, and in-person sessions at the 2022 Biofield Research Conference.


Fellows will be required to complete their project within 1-2 years. Progress reports and a final report will be required. Publication of the research findings in a peer-reviewed journal is also expected. Fellows will also present their research at the Annual Research Conference. Additionally, Fellows will be able to attend regular curated online gatherings with their cohort and mentors and engage in a vibrant community of established and emerging biofield researchers.

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