Our Mission

The Biofield Research Fellowship Program is an international multidisciplinary initiative to advance, strengthen, and scale the field of subtle energy and biofield healing by supporting rigorous research and fostering a community of emerging and established researchers.


The Fellowship Program supports early career investigators conducting high quality examinations of biofield science and/or subtle energy therapies and practices by providing grants up to $20,000 as well as mentor support from esteemed scientific researchers in various disciplines related to subtle energy and biofield healing. Proposals are accepted across basic, translational, and clinical research, across multiple disciplines, including, but not limited to, clinical psychology, neuroscience, medicine, physiology, botany, physics, engineering, and social sciences.

Mentorship and Community-Building

Fellows will be paired with an esteemed research mentor with expertise relevant to their proposed project. Mentors will support the fellow’s research and help inspire, inform, and guide them into future biofield research. The Fellows will also be part of a wider community of emerging and established biofield science researchers with the goal of providing support, feedback, knowledge-sharing and collaboration.

Research Priorities

The Fellowship’s research priorities are designed to grow our understanding of the efficacy, effectiveness, and mechanisms of subtle energy and biofield practices to help address physical and mental health conditions. We are currently seeking applications that advance our understanding of subtle energy and biofield healing including clinical, qualitative, fundamental science & mechanism research.

Fostering the Next Wave of Researchers in Subtle Energy and Biofield Healing

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